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Picture is yet to come...


Instrument he can play : Bass, Guitar, Vocal (Easier if i drink some beer!)l
Favorite Band : In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Borknagar, Opeth, Misanthrope, UneXpect, Arcturus, Children of Bodom, Finntroll
Favorite Guitarist : Alexi Laiho (Children Of Bodom), Jesper & Björn (In Flames), Galder, Jon Shaffer
Favorite Bassist : Tyr (Borknagar), Jean-Jacques Moréac (Misanthrope), John Myung (Dream Theater)
Favorite Drummer : Anyone who can stand a beat can easilly be my personal hero...
Favorite Vocalist : Simen (Borknagar/Dimmu), Vintersorg (Borknagar/Vintersorg), Legion (Marduk), Garm (Arcturus)
Favorite Keyboardist : Clearly: Steinar Sverd Johnsen (Arcturus)
Quote : A slain christian tastes better with tobasco, but a murdered muslim is already spicy enough!
Other Project : None Yet
Previous Project : Nothing Serious enought to put a name on it...
Contact :
Best show ever seen : In Flames/Iced Earth (April 9th 2002)
Best show ever made : None yet